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May 31, 2017

Travel Photos – On-Site Event Calligraphy for David Yurman in San Antonio, Chicago, St. Louis, and Birmingham

A few months ago I began traveling for Kristara (Kristara Calligraphy) to do on-site event calligraphy at a few David Yurman events to help promote their Continuance collection. In addition to a local event here (at the Neiman Marcus at La Cantera in San Antonio), I also traveled to Saks in Birmingham, Saks in St. Louis, and Bloomingdales Chicago. I was not only lucky enough to be able to go to these events, but I was lucky enough to be able to bring my husband along with me to Chicago! (Which is why most/all of the photos are from Chicago… #instagramhusband).

Here are some photos that we took with my DSLR and some photos that I posted to stories throughout the trip. Enjoy!:

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